The Crying Ghost at the University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands, known as Cumberland College until 2005, is a small school in the quiet town of Williamsburg, nestled between the Cumberland River and the Daniel Boone National Forest. Gillespie Hall is the second-oldest building on campus and houses many of the University's freshman woman population. It also holds the spirit of another woman who lived in the hall many, many years ago.

The University of the Cumberlands is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and has a reputation as a very strict school, with teachers and administration taking an active interest in the moral lives of the students. This background might explain the story of the Crying Ghost. It's said that she was student who lived in room 316 of Gillespie Hall many years ago. She was a freshman girl, a cheerleader, and someone who was looking forward to her future. This all changed she she was seduced and abandoned by a player on the school's football team. Finding herself pregnant and unable to face the shame and condemnation of her friends, her family, and her school, the girl hung herself in the attic of Gillespie Hall. Since that day, her ghost has been seen many times.

The Crying Ghost has been seen for years by residents of Gillespie Hall. On the third floor of this dorm, students will walk down the hallway at night only to encounter a young girl whom they don't recognize as a resident of the dorm. Often age is crying, sometimes she is just staring, but she always appears to be deeply sad. The figure will be wearing clothes that are out of date. She never says anything, and when approached will simply dissolve into nothingness.

Other strange occurrences seem to happen on the third floor of Gillespie. Doors will open and close, lock and unlock, seemingly by themselves. Light are seen to go on and off under the doors of empty rooms.

At one point, the ghost also seemed to hold something of a grudge, or at least be trying to send a warning about broken promises. A freshman girl who was engaged happened to be the resident of room 316. Every night, she would take off her engagement ring and set it beside her bed. Every morning, she would awake to find the ring sitting in the trash can.

This lonely spirit seems to be a permanent part of life in Gillespie Hall. Her sad story will live on as part of student life at the University of the Cumberlands.

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