The Friendly Ghost Dog

In Perry County, on the Eastern edge of Kentucky, near the Virginia border, Lotts Creek flows through a small, quiet community. And on the banks of this creek can be seen one of Kentucky's friendliest ghosts, happily wagging his tail as he walks from home to home.

The ghost dog of Lotts Creek has been seen by people in the area for over a century. Described as a small, scruffy, black dog who is clearly visible but also physically intangible, no one seems to know whose dog he was originally, or he came to haunt the area, but the ghost dog seems to be a permanent member of the Lotts Creek community.

This is one ghost who is friendly and well-disposed towards people. He has never been known to bite anyone or to get angry. In fact, the phantom dog is downright playful. The dog has been known to run around people, dash in between there legs, jump through windows, hide under porches, and do pretty much everything else that a living dog who wants to play with people will do. He's also known to frequently be seen begging for food, although no one has yet worked exactly what to feed a spectral pooch.

In the past, people tried to test just how dead the dog was, and greeted him in the fine Kentucky tradition of dealing with the unknown by opening fire on it. But the bullets are said to have passed harmlessly through the dog like through empty air. The animal also doesn't seem to hold much of a grudge against those that shoot at him, as he'll be back at the same house begging for food the very next day.

The pot shots have become less frequent over the years, as people around Lotts Creek have come to accept the phantom dog as a harmless, even welcome, if still a bit unusual, member of the community.

So if you happen to be passing through Lotts Creek, keep an eye open for a friendly little dog running around, looking to play. You might try to stop and scratch I'm behind the ears. Your hand might go right through him, but he seems like the sort who would appreciate the effort.

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