The Ghost of Hotrod Haven

Mitchell Hill Road lies on the southern end of Louisville. It winds from near Fairdale Elementary School on Mt. Holy Road, down through the Jefferson Memorial Forest to where it joins Knob Hill Road. Mitchell Hill Road is a narrow country road, with thick trees and undergrowth coming right to the edges of the road. As you go South along the road, there's a long, slow incline that picks up the pace and turns into a fast, steep drop along a series of hairpin curves along a steep, dangerous cliff just before it meets Knob Hill. It's an isolated road, and the long sloped straightaway gives a driver a chance to build up a good head of speed just before hitting the wild curves. For years, it was a local racing spot, which has earned this stretch of road the nickname Hotrod Haven

Driving down Hotrod Haven even in the best conditions can be a harrowing experience. The road runs right into a path carved by the Ohio River over millions of years. The slow, steady descent and beautiful view makes it easy for a driver to underestimate just how much speed he's put on, and then when the shock of the sudden steep drop and sharp curves comes near the end of the road, it's easy to lose control. Even to this day, every few years the road claims another life in a fatal accident. Racing down Hotrod Haven is to deliberately invite death into your car.

On a quiet autumn evening in 1946, death did come for a young couple driving down Mitchell Hill road. A young man and his sweetheart were on their way to a dance. They were happy and in love, enjoying the cool evening air, with eyes only for each other. That could have been why, when they came down towards those last hairpin curves at the end of the road, the young man lost control of the car, wildly tumbling off the side of the road. Both of the unfortunate young lovers were killed instantly.

The young were buried together in the shared grave, under one tombstone, in a small cemetery off Mitchell Hill Road not far from where they met their doom. But some people say that the young woman's spirit can still be seen along that deadly, winding road.

Ever since that tragic night all those years ago, travelers have been reporting seeing the pale figure of a young girl dressed in a formal gown, wandering beside the road between the cemetery and the curve where the car went off the road. Those who have seen her say she seems to be looking for something, or someone. Perhaps the accident happened so suddenly that the poor girl never came to realize that her life was over. She may be wondering up and dow the road eternally, wondering what happened and where her sweetheart has gone. Anyone who has tried to stop and help her says the figure vanishes before their eyes.

So if you find yourself driving down through Hotrod Haven one lonely evening, drive carefully, and keep your eyes open for a lonely figure who lost her life on that deadly road so many years ago.

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