The Ghosts of Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond's Eastern Kentucky University can easily lay claim to being the most haunted campus in the entire Bluegrass State. The halls and dorms of EKU host some of the most famous, and most unusual, ghosts in all of Kentucky.

The naked ghost of the Moore Building is probably where to begin with most unusual. This building, which hosts the classes and faculty of EKU's Science department, is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman who appears to anyone lucky enough to see her stark naked. Descriptions of her build and appearance vary, but the nudity remains consistent. Reports of unclothed ghosts are relatively rare, although this doesn't necessarily stand to reason. As Ambrose Bierce pointed out nearly two centuries ago, if we believe that ghosts are the immortal souls of human beings, believing that the inanimate fabrics they wear also possess some immortal substance does stretch the point a bit. But if this thing from beyond nature is set on going about as nature intended, we have no objections.

In close competition with the naked ghost is the spectral inhabitant of the men's restroom on the fourth floor of the Bert Combs building. It's said that men who are in the restroom, apparently alone, feel a strange sensation of being watched. There have also been reports of an uncomfortable sensation of presence, as if someone is standing very close behind them, an experience which could definitely make a trip to the restroom a little nerve-wracking.

But the most famous ghost in all of Eastern Kentucky University's haunted menagerie is undoubtedly The Blue Lady. This ghost has been appearing since the 1950s, and is said to be the spirit of a young acting student.The young lady was said to have climbed up into the clock tower above The Pearl Buchanan Theater every night to memorize her lines in solitude. One night, falling into depression, perhaps over a lost role or an unrequited love, the young lady took her own life, and friends found her hanging from the clock tower rafters the next day.

Ever since that night, a mysterious presence seems to haunt the Pearl Buchanan Theater. Students working late at night in the theater often report a feeling of being watched. A unexplained cloud of blue mist is sometimes seen to flat around the theater. The shadowy figure of a young woman is sometimes seen walking around the balcony railing.

But perhaps the most unsettling manifestation of the Blue Lady is the singing. Many people have reported hearing a strange, haunting voice singing songs from the 30s and 40s coming from within the theater building. Those who have tried to track down the voice say the source is always impossible to determine, that it seems to move from place to place within the building. It's also said that the voice sounds somehow "distant", and tinged with a deep sadness.

The multiple ghosts of EKU all seem intent on staying around, and have become a part of the campus history and tradition. Students feel affection towards these ghosts, and feel privileged to have a genuine encounter with one of them, with the possible exception of whatever it is in the men's restroom.

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