Haunted Hayswood Hospital

In the Northeast corner of Kentucky, nestled along the Ohio River, the city of Maysville is rich in history. Once an important port on the Ohio and the heart of Kentucky's wrought iron industry, Maysville was also the birthplace of the great Rosemary Clooney. But on Market Street stands a building that holds on to the past in a very different way, the haunted Hayswood Hospital building.

Built in the late 19th Century, the Hayswood Hospital building originally served as a girls' school, before becoming a hospital around the turn of the century. The Hayswood Hospital was remodeled and expanded several times over the course of the 20th century, and operated until the early 1980s. After its closure, the building was abandoned. Several attempts were made in the 1990s and early 2000s to restore the building or the land, but the cost of cleanup was discovered to far exceed the value of the land. So the hospital remains abandoned, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening inside.

Ever since the building was emptied in the 1980s, strange lights have been seen moving around the old building at night. Neighbors have seen a strange, pale glow coming from the windows. At times, the light will seem to move down the hallway from room to room. Other times it simply disappears and then reappears in another part of the building. It's also said that the sound of a baby crying can often be heard coming from inside the old hospital.

One of the most unsettling manifestations in the old building is the shadow figure that can be seen from the street in the last window on the third floor. The figure is described as being the size and shape of a man, but seeming to be composed more of an absence than a substance. Whatever it is seems to be something that might just disappears into. Those who see the figure usually report a feeling of being watched before looking up to see the thing in the window. Seeing the figure is also usually accompanied by a feeling of dread and the creeping sensation of coldness.

Indeed, being anywhere near the hospital is said to be something of an unpleasant experience. Feelings of dread and despair seem to accompany being near the building. Entering the building seems to make the experience even more intense. Those that have gone in to the decaying building since its closure say that they have the sensation of being followed by something that intends them harm.

Some even say that the Hayswood Hospital is casting a pall over the entire town of Maysville, and that a curse associated with the decaying building is slowly encroaching over every aspect of city life. The building has become an unwelcome, and unwelcoming, presence in the city. There are many who think the sooner the building is torn down, the better. They can only hope that when the building goes, whatever is contained within its walls goes with it.

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