The Meshack Creek Road Hitchhiker

Meshack Creek road is a lonely little back road that runs through the woods near Tompkinsville in Monroe County. It's also a road that some find difficult to exit, even when they're no longer alive.

The ghost that haunt this lonely Kentucky road seems to be looking either for a way out , or maybe just a few thrills. Along a bend in the road grows an old sycamore tree. It's said that whenever someone riding a horse or a motorcycle passes by this tree, they can feel a presence jump on behind them and grip them tightly around the waist.

Those who have felt it describe the sensation of being gripped by the ghost as being unmistakable as the sensation of being gripped by a pair of strong human arms. Some people report the arms pressing into them, as if encouraging them to go faster. The spirit always seems to let go and disappear before the rider reaches the end of Meshack Creek Road.

Whatever the mysterious presence that hops on by the old sycamore tree, it seems to mean people no harm. Instead, it seems to just want to go along for the ride. Is this a ghost that is condemned to haunt the narrow stretch of road by the tree for all eternity that is trying desperately to escape its prison? Perhaps.

But horses and fast racing are a deep part of the soul of Kentucky. Young Kentucky men have loved the feeling of riding a fast horse for a long, long time. It could be that that the ghostly hitchhiker of Meshack Creek Road is the spirit of someone who loved fast riding and feeling the wind in his hair while alive, perhaps someone who died long ago while charging down that road on a magnificent Kentucky thoroughbred who was thrown from his horse and died near the tree. Perhaps it's a spirit who still fide the thrill of the race more tempting than anything that waits beyond, and who just wants to feel that thrill again and again.

So if you're riding your chopper down that lonely road on some beautiful Kentucky evening and as you pass that sycamore tree, if you feel those arms gripping your waist, give it a little gas. You and the spirit will both enjoy it.

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