The Old Iron Bridge

Leitchfield is in Grayson County, not too far from Elizabethtown. Just outside of town limits, on Bloomington road as it crosses over Bear creek, stands the old iron bridge. As they flow under this bridge at midnight, the waters of the creek turn blood red in memory of a horrible crime committed there many years ago.

It was on the old iron bridge that one dark night a young woman threw her newborn baby into the cold waters of the creek below. She may have been young and unmarried and afraid to face the shame of the community, she may have been so poor that she knew she couldn't afford to fed the child, whatever her reasons for abandoning her baby to the icy river, she immediately regretted her decision. She died of grief and regret not long after.

Ever since then, ghostly encounters have been reported by people crossing the ridge. It's said that if you stand on the bridge at midnight, you can hear the sound of a baby crying. And if you look down into the creek below, for a minute the waters will turn a deep, blood red.

It's also said that you can see the ghost of the young woman wandering through the woods near the bridge, searching for her lost child. The ghost is reported to appear in the form of a white, translucent figure, dressed in clothes from about a century ago.

The ghost is even said to occasionally approach people walking across the bridge. People have reported that they've felt a cold tap on the shoulder as they cross the bridge at night. Turning around, they'll find themselves face-to-face with the pale, transparent, horribly sad face of a young woman.

"Have you seen my baby?" the ghost will ask, and when the shocked traveller says no, she will only sadly disappear into the darkness.

The old iron bridge is a sad, lonely place, haunted by painful memories. Even those who don't see the spirit or hear the sound of the crying baby report that the place is unnaturally cold, and there's an uncomfortable feeling of sadness that seems to fill the air around the bridge.

Perhaps one day the poor lost soul will be reunited with her child, and find some peace. Until that day, look for her wandering the woods in Grayson County by the old iron bridge.

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