The Phantom Pallbearers of Happy Hollow

The Phantom Pallbearers of Happy Hollow

One of the most bizarre ghost stories in Kentucky comes from the quiet township of Happy Hollow, located in Green County in the southwest corner of the state. The story of this bizarre and unsettling apparition has mystified generations of Kentuckians, as no one can seem to understand why it happens or what it means.

The story begins in 1932, when the Ragland family was living in a small farmhouse in Happy Hollow. It was a hot summer night, and as the sun was setting the family was gathered outside on the lawn. The adults were quietly talking among themselves as the children chased fireflies in the yard. It was a moonless night. A light had been left burning in the kitchen, and that bright square was the only source of light in the growing darkness. It seemed like just another uneventful evening, until the youngest girl in the family suddenly stopped playing, pointed, and said "Mamma, who is that in the kitchen?"

Not thinking much of it, Mrs. Ragland turned around to glance in the winnow. She was in no way expecting the bizarre, unsettling spectacle that greeted her through the window.

Standing in the family kitchen were four skeletally thin men, with pale faces and, long unkempt hair, hanging in tangles from beneath high top hats. They were all dressed in thick, black mourning suits that looked nearly a century out of fashion. Between them, the four men were holding up a large, black coffin, whose finely polished brass handles and hinged gleamed in the light. Most bizarrely, on top of the coffin was a tiny baby lamb, although the creature was far too small to a living lamb, it was very clearly moving its head and hooves.

Mrs. Ragland screamed for her husband, and with his oldest son right behind him, Mr.Ragland rushed into he house. But when they arrived in the kitchen, the apparition had vanished.

Understandably disturbed,, the family gathered together back outside. As they warily discussed what they had just seen, they heard the unsettling sound of a lamb bleating as the same apparition reappeared. One again, it disappeared as soon as the men rushed inside the house.

Not knowing what else to do, the family called the county sheriff, who arrived at the home and fund the family genuinely frightened and confused. The sheriff looked around, but the apparition didn't appear to him. He could find no evidence of a prank being played, or even any evidence of how someone could pull of such a complex illusion.

Many people in Kentucky believe that seeing an apparition is a sure sign that someone in the family will die soon. The Raglands were understandably nervous over the next few months, but the family's life continued as normal. Whatever significance the apparition seemed to have, it would remain part of the mystery.

The four ghostly pallbearers and the unreasonably small lamb would continue to appear to the Ragland family over the years, and when they eventually sold the house and moved away the haunting company remained behind. Residents in the house and others have seen the apparition over the years, always on hot summer nights and always when there is no moon.

The phantom pallbearers of Happy Hollow remain an inexplicable mystery. If they are ghosts attempting to communicate from beyond the grave, their message is not being understood. If they are some kind of supernatural creature or force, why they would come all the way into this world only to carry a coffin and a lamb is puzzling. But if you happen by Happy Hollow on a monocles summer night and happen to be glancing in the right window, there's a chance you could become part of the mystery.

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