Ghost Stories - Stories of Hauntings from across Kentucky! Strange monster sightings in Kentucky! UFOs and Alien Encounters in Kentucky! Beware Sheepsquatch! Our very own web comic!

Kentucky Ghosts and Monsters is your source for everything strange and supernatural in the Bluegrass state. We've collected stories of ghosts, hauntings, apparitions, storage beasts, mysterious monsters, UFOs, alien abductions, and anything else odd or paranormal that happens in Kentucky!

Kentucky Ghost Stories

Ghosts are everywhere in Kentucky. From Headless Annie in Harlan to the mysterious Phantoms of Happy Hollow, from East to West, North to south, the Bluegrass State is covered with ghosts and haunted houses. Set back and enjoy these classic Kentucky ghost stories.

Strange Kentucky Monsters

People keep seeing strange creatures in Kentucky. Lizard men, goat men, strange animals living in the lakes and rivers, angry werewolves, the mysterious white Sheepsquatch, whatever it is, any kind of strange creature that should not exist does around here!

Kentucky UFOs and Alien Encounters

Aliens love Kentucky. Visitors from other worlds keep visiting the commonwealth, hovering over us in mysterious ships, sometimes landing to get shot at, and every now and then sucking up someone into a spaceship for their own unknown reasons. We've got the stories of some of Kentucky's most famous UFO sightings and alien encounters!