The Bright Farm Fairies

The Bright Farm Fairies

On the Eastern edge of Danville in Boyle County, stretched out along Route 27, there's a large, old farm that covers over 100 acres where the Bright family has lived for generations. But something else also lives on this peaceful farm, something far older and far more mysterious.

Throughout the years, the family and the tenants on the farms have seen strange small, bright lights dancing in the fields at night. At times these lights will move swiftly and bouncingly through the fields, and other times they seem to cling to a particular row of trees that lines a road through one of the cow pastures on the farm. On certain nights, you can step out onto the farm and see these trees lit up as if they were covered with Christmas lights. But if you attempt to approach the trees, the lights will disappear when you begin to draw near.

It's more than just mysterious lights that dance around the farm. Often, the sound of small footsteps scurrying through the grass can be heard, even though nothing can be seen which is causing the sound. In the autumn, when the ground is covered with fallen leaves, the distinctive sound of small feet running through the fallen leaves is other heard, and even on windless days the leaves on the ground seem to move as if they were being walked upon.

These phenomenon and more seem to be particularly common around the old tenant farm house which stands on a hill close to the road. The family rents out this house, and over the years various tenants had reported having strange experiences and seeing unusual things.

Tenants in the house claim to often hear a gentle, cheerful whistling coming from somewhere within the house. The sound is described as being a distinctly human-sounding whistle, cheerful but slightly hating, like someone trying to whistle a tune he can't quite remember. Residents of the house have said that they're certain they've heard the sound, and that it usually annoyingly occurs when someone is alone in the house, almost as if whatever was making the sound was playing a joke on whoever is alone in the house, and it knows that no one will believe the story.

In addition to the whistling sound, residents in the old house have also seen some very strange things. One resident in the house claims that one afternoon, after waking from a short nap, he looked out into the hallway beside the bedroom and was astonished to see it filled with what appeared to be rose petals, floating in the air and swirling in a slow spiral. He watched this phenomenon for several minutes, not entirely believing what he was seeing or that he wasn't still asleep. When he was quite sure that he was awake, the man rose out of bed and walked towards the swirling dance of petals, only to see them move rapidly upwards and shoot up towards the ceiling. He reached the hallway just in time to see the last few petals disappear up into a warm, yellow light hanging in the air just beneath the ceiling. As soon as the last of the petals disappeared into it, the light winked out and the hallway was once again still and dark.

Another tenant in the house had an even stranger encounter. It was nearing dark on a long summer night, and the woman living in the house at the time, a respected professor at Centre College, remembered that she had left some papers she needed in her car. Stepping out onto the front porch, she was surprised to see a cool, gentle glow coming from atop one of the fenceposts at the other end of the yard. Cautiously walking towards the light, she was surprised to see it came from a small figure sitting on top of the fence. The figure appeared to be only about sixteen inches high, but that it was very distinctly the figure of a young girl, with warm golden skin and flowing white hair that reached down past her waist. Even more astoundingly, the girl had a pair of thing, transparent wings like dragonfly wings emerging from her back. The woman said she was astounded, and audibly gasped when she realized what she was looking at. At this point, the girl on the fence seemed to become aware of her, and gave her a look "as if she was very annoyed at being disturbed", and then rose up off the fence into the air and simply disappeared in a flash of light.

Do fairies live on this little farm at the edge of the Kentucky Bluegrass? It seems unbelievable, but residents of the farm and other witnesses will swear to their experiences. Have these creatures always been living on this land, before the farm was built, or did they come over with some settlers from somewhere in Ireland or Wales, or another part of Europe where the fairy-faith still runs deep, and have only stayed on this spot out affection for the family that has lived there for generations along with them?

Whatever these mysterious creatures are and whatever their intentions may be, the next time you're passing out of Danville on a warm summer night, keep your eyes on the trees and the fields, and you may see some mysterious lights dancing through the air.

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