The Green Clawed River Monster

One of the most famous monster attacks in Kentucky happened in the Ohio River on August 21, 1955. A Mrs. Darwin Johnson was swimming in the river between Henderson, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana. It was a calm, quiet summer day, and Mrs. Johnson and her friend Mrs. Chris Lamble were the only ones in the area.

Mrs. Lamble was relaxing on shore, when she suddenly heard her friend call out from the water. She was shocked to see Mrs. Johnson being pulled underneath the surface of the water. Something which she would later describe as a huge, clawed hand had grabbed Mrs. Johnson by the leg and had begun pulling her out into the river.

Mrs. Johnson's kicking managed to tear her away from the grasping hand, and she tried to make her way to shore, but the creature grabbers her and pulled her under again.

Mrs. Lamble screamed for help and ran into the water to help her friend. Her splashing apparently frightened the creature off, because Mrs. Johnson said she could feel the water beneath her moving as it swam away, and the two women were able to make it safely so shore.

Whatever attacked Mrs. Johnson left her with multiple bruises on her leg, and, in the strangest part of the story, a large, very clearly defined green-colored hand print. The print was visible for several days. Whatever attacked Mrs. Johnson had large, clawed, human-shaped hands.

What was it that those two women encountered in the Ohio River that day in 1955? The evidence would seem to suggest that there is a strange, amphibious humanoid creature living in the Ohio River, much like the creature featured in the 1954 monster movie classic The Creature From The Black Lagoon. In fact, the whole scene as described by the two women plays out very much like this scene from the movie:

While we mean to cast no aspersions on the motives of the women who reported this encounter, the convenient timing between the release of this very popular movie and the reported incident (plus the fact that the creature was never encountered before or since that day in 1955) leads us to suspect something other than pure coincidence.

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