Kambi Group Plc. was founded on may 19, 2014 as a subsidiary of Unibet betting company. The headquarters are located in Malta, and branches are located in Philadelphia, Stockholm, London, Sydney and other cities. The company employs 525 people worldwide; revenue for the past year was $86 million, net profit – $11 million (revenue growth in 2014-70%, in 2015-32%, in 2016-17%). In 2018, Kambi took up online betting: they acquired a 25% stake in the Internet service Virtus Sports, allowing players to place bets in online games of football, horse racing, and auto and motorcycle racing. Kambi shares are traded on the Stockholm stock exchange.

The headquarters of the American branch of Kambi is located in Philadelphia. The company partners with SugarHouse, Parx, and Rivers Casino entertainment clubs in Pennsylvania, as well as online projects DraftKings and PlaySugarHouse.com in new Jersey, which offer players the opportunity to play on the sweepstakes. With the help of DraftKings, Kambi has also taken up betting outside of Nevada: it is favored by the repeal of the Federal law on restrictions on gambling, and more States are agreeing to open casinos or legalize gambling. Max Bixel is the head of sales at the American branch: He played Golf in College, and golfers know exactly what bookmakers do.

Kambi is invested in in-depth Analytics
However, the name Kambi does not appear on the front pages of Newspapers, and Bixel is not interested in making sure that as many people as possible know about Kambi — on the contrary, he wants everyone to have the names SugarHouse, Parx or Rivers Casino on their lips. The company is known only to insiders in the betting industry, and its clients are actually bookmakers, not ordinary gambling enthusiasts. Kambi differs from large “multi-jurisdictional” companies like Caesars (which gives gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to play in their own offices under the brands Harrah, Caesars and Bally) and from the world-famous office of William Hill (which cooperates with ordinary bookmakers to bring them to the market under the brand William Hill). Kambi in principle does not engage in retail business, being in the background of the sphere of betting.

Due to its growing influence in the us betting business, Bixel intends to establish a think tank in Philadelphia. A native of Cranbury, new Jersey, Bixel now lives in new York, but believes that there is not as much competition in Philadelphia as in new York, where professional sports leagues and technology companies in the field of sports can afford the same offices as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Phil Richards, General Manager and fan of the crystal Palace football club, believes that there is no city in the world more obsessed with sports than Philadelphia. This is why Kambi requires ardent sports fans who are well versed in mathematics. Those who work in Finance can be used by the company in trading, risk management and partnership development.

How does Kambi work?
Kambi traders set a bet line before a match and calculate odds, and after the game determine who won how much
Bookmakers who purchase information from Kambi are responsible for paying out winnings and storing information about players, as well as setting betting restrictions
Kambi manages the software and hardware that calculates all the coefficients and risks — they are monitored by employees of offices in London and Philadelphia, receiving real-time statistics (fast data)
This process allows clients to place bets during certain matches.

Why is online betting during a match the future of betting?
It is believed that dynamically developing online sweepstakes are the future of bookmakers in the United States, and bets will be placed in the future not on the final result of the performance, but also on some intermediate stages of it. In the UK, about 80% of online bets in tennis matches are made in live mainly on what score the set will end with or how exactly the game will be won. In new Jersey, more than half of online sports betting is done in live, according to Bixel.

This is why Kambi needs fast-responding operators and risk managers, as well as information systems that can instantly process streaming information about new bets made during the match. It sounds simple, but if during a basketball game someone bets on two or three points that will be scored on the next throw, you need to determine the coefficient for this event in a few seconds and accept the bet. Thanks to such systems, the company actively attracts young people to the sweepstakes game, which is already in demand among marketing specialists of all stripes. Online betting is just what customers need, and the company no longer follows the traditional Las Vegas casino model in order to stay ahead of the game.