This trend started a long time ago, but since 2018 it has acquired the scale of a forest fire. The impetus was the Supreme court’s repeal of the 1992 law on restrictions and regulation of betting activities. New Jersey, where Spanky lived all his life, was a pioneer of legalization.

In less than a year, the state has experienced a gold rush: new Jersey now has 10 physical and 14 online bookmakers that have already accepted bets worth about $ 1.5 billion.

Another 7 States followed the example of new Jersey, 29 are considering the bill. Global corporations are taking over the betting industry in the United States, killing the art of betting and professional players.

According to a study by Eiler & Krejcik Gaming, players are divided into 7 categories: casual dabblers (casual players), status seekers (people who want to impress others and appear cooler than they are), super fans (sports fans), action chasers (bonus hunters), would-be pros (potential pros), high rollers (play at very high limits) and sharps (professionals who live off bets).

Spanky went through all 7 and settled on the last one — sharps (smart players). He is known by all the major bookmakers, Spanky’s bets are often cut, and he is not allowed to go to some offices.

In less than a year since legalization in new Jersey, European bookmakers have offered turnkey services to local racetracks and casinos: software, mobile betting, player profiling, and risk management. Casinos and racetracks do not refuse.

According to the CEO of Pinnacle, the US is seen as a country of opportunity, the European market has reached saturation point. But players, especially pros, are wary of European intervention.

During a discussion at the MIT conference, William Hill spokeswoman Sharon Otterman answered a question about bans of plus customers: “we have a business. We are not a charity.”

Much easier to do business on poprah and office clerks. This is not just William Hill’s fault. DraftKings, which recently switched from fantasy sports to betting, follows the same principles.

You don’t even need to bet 20 thousand dollars. “I was just watching baseball and betting on runs in the next inning: Yes or no,” says the new Jersey Pro player. “By mid-September, I noticed that I couldn’t bet more than $ 100. The NFL limit was later reduced to $ 30. $ 30? Seriously? DraftKings brag about what turnovers go through them, and is my 50 bucks too much?”

Limiting the maximum is akin to a death sentence for professional players. “Like any Pro, my margin is minimal,” says bill Krakomberger, Creator of the KrackWins app and star of the Action documentary series. “For every 100 units, we are very happy to return 102 or 101 points. For bids to make sense, I have to put amounts with five or six zeros.”