Online betting is becoming more and more part of the life of modern America. In 2018 alone, more than ten States legalized online betting. This is important news not only for those who like to bet, but also for the sports industry.

You can place sports bets legally here.
The NBA, for example, has already expressed a desire to cooperate with betting companies and receive financial benefits from this. The Buffalo Wild Wings chain of establishments (including sports bars) also plans to integrate betting in its restaurants across the country. Legalization will affect sports in the United States in one way or another.

Economic benefits

On the one hand, the NBA’s demand for bookmakers to share their profits looks absolutely strange. But in fact, this is not surprising. Most leagues and teams earn millions from advertising betting companies if betting is legalized in the country.

Look at the English Premier League – the most commercially successful project in football. Half of the 20 teams in the Premier League have sponsorship agreements with betting companies. And on average, such a contract brings the club 10 million euros a year. The same “West ham “earns $ 13 million through a contract with BetWay,” Everton ” – 12 million from SportPesa,” Burnley ” – 3 million under a contract with Dafabet.

American sports teams are sure to get even more after sports betting is finally legalized. US residents spend more than $ 150 billion annually betting in illegal companies. So the potential of the market is very large. Bookmakers will also pay millions for teams to place their ads on their uniforms.

The development of young talents
Bookmakers ‘ partnership with sports leagues is not just about money. Some large betting companies organize and sponsor competitions among young talents and schoolchildren. They are also integrated into the student sports system, helping its development.

The United States still cannot benefit from potential sponsorship of youth sports by bookmakers. Although the American branch of William Hill has stated its desire to promote youth competitions in the state of new Jersey.

Bookmakers will also help make sports more accessible to children. Unlike other countries, in the United States, almost all youth sports organizations are private. Because of this, even sports such as hockey and football are not available to poor children.

In the past, bookmakers provided equipment and scholarships for talented children and young men who lacked funding. This would help raise the overall level of talent in various sports.

More earnings for sports media
The sporting media is seriously falling in recent years in America. And legalizing online betting in the US could serve as a lifeline for them. More people will watch games and competitions, and along with this, the advertising appeal will grow.

Small sites, projects of private entrepreneurs or bloggers will also benefit greatly, as they will also be able to advertise bookmakers on their portal pages and make marketing integrations.

In the UK, where online betting is legal, media networks earn more than three million dollars from advertising betting companies. Note that the British market is much smaller than the American one. And the real profits of media in the United States from bettig advertising will probably be 10-20 times more.

State revenues will also grow strongly. So in new Jersey, they plan to immediately receive $ 13 million in taxes. So far, most States have not legalized betting and are losing millions of dollars due to this, as the population continues to place bets in illegal betting shops.