A bill to legalize sports betting in Maine has received preliminary approval from local lawmakers. If the document is adopted, residents of the state will be able to make legal sports betting.

According to the text of the bill, sports betting will be legalized on the territory of local casinos and the racetrack “Scarborough downs”. In addition, gambling operators will have the right to offer online bets to residents of the state. A person who has reached the age of 21 can become a bookmaker’s client.

The activities of offline betting shops will be subject to a 10% tax, while operators of online platforms will be subject to a 16% tax rate.

Although the bill received initial approval from the Senate, lawmakers still haven’t reached a consensus on some issues.

So, some of them suggest introducing licenses for online bookmakers linked to real gambling establishments in Maine. Politicians believe that this will protect local businesses and create additional jobs. Other lawmakers object to this decision and favor a free market.

In the near future, sports betting may be legalized in the state of new Hampshire. The local Senate has already approved the relevant bill, which is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

The Senate of New Jersey will soften the regulation of sports betting

Georgia lawmakers are discussing the possibility of easing legislation to regulate sports betting. In particular, they want to remove restrictions that prohibit team owners from placing or accepting bets on any events related to their sport.

The decision to lift the ban is related to the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic city, which is owned by Texas billionaire Tilman Fertitta. In addition to the casino, the entrepreneur also owns the NBA team “Houston rockets”.

According to current legislation, Golden Nugget cannot accept bets on basketball. Casino representatives complained that the current legislation deprives them of profits, as customers do not want to visit two different casinos to place bets.

New Jersey lawmakers have developed a package of amendments that will allow Golden Nugget to bet on NBA games. It allows club owners to place and accept bets on games other than those involving their own team.

“The sports betting industry in new Jersey is still young. If we remove the extra restrictions, it could surpass Nevada as the largest market in the country within a few years. I don’t see any point in missing out on a potential participant in this new industry. Similar rules have long been in effect in Nevada, ” said Raj Mukherjee, one of the authors of the package of amendments.

It was previously reported that new Jersey residents spent $3 billion on betting over 12 months. According to analysts, “garden state” can become the largest betting market in the United States.