Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, hold “Coronavirus parties” with their friends and gamble on who gets sick first.

City Councilwoman Sonia Mckinstry testified Wednesday that a series of parties previously reported were part of a game that involved inviting coronavirus-infected students in an attempt to intentionally contract the deadly virus:

  • They put money in the “General store” and try to get infected. The one who will catch first gets the jackpot. It doesn’t make any sense, ” she said.

Members of the city Council did not directly mention the University of Alabama, but this institution is the largest in the city and the flagship of the state’s University system.

Tuscaloosa city fire chief Randy Smith informed the Council about these parties earlier this week, saying authorities initially thought this students ‘gamble on transmitting the virus “was some kind of rumor” “but added:” We did some additional research … not only did the doctors help confirm this, but the state also confirmed that they also had this information.”

Despite the news, Mckinstry insists that the city is taking the threat of coronavirus to public health seriously.

“We are trying to break up all these parties that we know about, ” she told ABC News.

In the state of Alabama, at least 37,536 cases of coronavirus infection and 926 deaths have been reported.

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