Are bets legal in the US? Everything you need to know about US gambling laws

Introduction Gambling was once a taboo subject. People didn’t want to talk about it because it was considered “immoral”. We have now made great progress in discussing gambling as a social phenomenon. This is no longer a taboo subject. Of course, there is a danger of becoming addicted to gambling, but in General, people really […]

Students in America hold “Coronavirus parties” and arrange gambling games with bets on who will get sick first

Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, hold “Coronavirus parties” with their friends and gamble on who gets sick first. City Councilwoman Sonia Mckinstry testified Wednesday that a series of parties previously reported were part of a game that involved inviting coronavirus-infected students in an attempt to intentionally contract the deadly virus: They put money in the “General […]

Earnings of 86 million, in-depth Analytics and young talents – European bookmaker captures the US

Kambi Group Plc. was founded on may 19, 2014 as a subsidiary of Unibet betting company. The headquarters are located in Malta, and branches are located in Philadelphia, Stockholm, London, Sydney and other cities. The company employs 525 people worldwide; revenue for the past year was $86 million, net profit – $11 million (revenue growth […]

More and more citizens are emigrating from the US because of the ban on gambling

The flow of US citizens leaving the country due to the ban on online gambling has not dried up for the seventh year in a row. Professional gamblers began moving to neighboring countries-Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and even more distant routes-in 2011, when the United States authorities launched a decisive offensive against companies that violate […]