The NBA is a super-indoor arena that perfectly reflects the entire US sports policy. It’s just that to participate in any of the top sports leagues of a country, you need to properly prove yourself before its (country) leadership – to provide data on solvency, competitiveness, to provide information on all players.

Also, work is underway with sponsors: the major American leagues (NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL) are wary of signing partnership agreements and get even more stressed when they contact bookmakers.

The first betting contracts for US clubs appeared only in 2018. They were previously prohibited by US law.

Was it really banned?

It’s simple – the law on gambling was reflected in sports. In 1992, the US administration passed a law banning gambling throughout the country. Mitigation occurred only in 2018, when 48 states (excluding Utah and Hawaii) allowed gambling in various forms: card clubs, slot machines and – what is important for us – sweepstakes.

The bookmakers took advantage of this. Since last year, the number of bookmaker companies in the United States has grown by 21%. In parallel, the law on the legalization of gambling also affected the influence of bookmakers on professional leagues and teams, including basketball ones.

The NBA management and clubs do not welcome title sponsorship of bookmakers, so companies knew in advance that it was better to knock with advertising offers of a different type and content (for example, official partnerships or advertising on special banners).

The Deal That Changed Everything

The NBA immediately turned down offers from small offices and expected something galactic. The spacecraft arrived via fax from the league’s management at the end of July 2018.

MGM is a large bookmaker that has dreamed of entering the US sports business for many years. Until last year, she was hampered by legislation, and after the lifting of restrictions on gambling, the company immediately rushed to the NBA with a suitcase of money.

According to ESPN, MGM and the NBA have signed a three-year contract. Bookmakers will have unlimited use of team logos (not only the Major League, but also the junior championships) for their own purposes. In addition, MGM will be able to use the NBA players throughout the contract period (not only the league but also the clubs agree – and this is more difficult, but all the more valuable) in the implementation of its own programs.

MGM has rights to all NBA licenses, which makes it even higher than Las Vegas, which is the most popular gambling city in the world. But even Vegas doesn’t have that close connection with the league.