PayPal prohibits merchants and account holders from conducting gambling transactions in the United States and in any other jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited by law, as well as those merchants whose services are available to U.S. account holders.

PayPal allows approved gambling sellers to use our service in certain jurisdictions where gambling is not prohibited by law. To be approved by PayPal, merchants must demonstrate to PayPal that they have the ability to block gambling account holders’ transactions in the United States and in any jurisdiction where gambling may be prohibited by law.

Until the merchant is approved by PayPal, account holders will not be able to use PayPal to send payments for any type of gambling activity, including but not limited to payments for bets, debts, and gambling winnings, regardless of whether they were conducted online , in person or through any other means of communication. Gambling includes placing, accepting, recording or registering bets; participation in lotteries; conducting gambling for money, property or other things of value.

Until transactions are performed by a verified merchant, PayPal prohibits the following actions, even if the particular activity is legal and / or is not legally defined as gambling.

Gambling or mind games – includes any activity with an entry fee and a prize, regardless of how the winner is selected.

Casino – includes (but not limited to) the following virtual or outdoor games: baccarat, blackjack, craps, faro, keno, pachinko, pai-go, poker (regardless of whether it is considered an intellectual game in the field of gambling), roulette, sic bo , slot machines or wheel of fortune.

Sports Betting – This includes placing bets on real sports events against the bookmaker or exchanging bets.

Horse racing or dog racing – bets of the following types:

• Simple bets (between individuals).
• Sweepstakes where large buy-ins or bets are accepted and then paid to the winners.
• Bookmaker bets, in which speculators offer odds for the victory of a particular horse or dog and accept bets based on their predictions.
• Mutual Betting, where bets on a specific horse or dog are calculated based on a comparison between the total bets per animal and the total bets on all animals participating in the race.
• Off-piste sweepstakes, where players place their bets outside of the race venue.

Personal bets – includes individual bets and exchange rates.

Lottery Tickets – includes the purchase or sale of any opportunity to participate in a lottery, lottery drum, sweepstakes, prize pool, or any other form of game or competition involving prize winning or monetary compensation.

Slot machines are devices that meet the following three criteria:

  1. Mechanisms designed or adapted for gambling.
  2. The devices are equipped with receivers for cash or cash equivalents in the form of cash or tokens.
  3. Money or its equivalents are offered as a prize, regardless of whether the player may lose his funds.

Gambling Services – PayPal may also block transactions for the following gambling services:

• Providing handicap, game tips or advice.
• Mediation in the procedure for placing bets or securing offshore gaming licenses.
• Organized forums for personal betting.

Gambling providers must be screened for compliance with established policies. To do this, they need to send their contact information and a brief overview of their company.